Health isn't just a diet
its an emotional and mental well being.

Get to know Eve

Meet Eve, foodie at heart Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) , Personal Trainer (NASM, PPCS) and Culinary Nutrition Chef (NGI) passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness through bioindividuality. Eve meets with clients virtually, online and locally in Brooklyn, NY where we believe food is only ONE part of overall health and further  


Our commitment is to help our clients and patients restore and maintain optimal health through Whole Foods, emotional healing ,finding the root cause to your symptoms  and creating healthy habits at home. At FlavorfulFIT we specialize in weight loss, Hypothyroid and Gut health. By understanding the science you will learn  learn how to implement tools at home that are sustainable to fit your lifestyle goals.


I believe that dis-ease is nothing more than our bodies being out of balance from toxins, stress, nutrient deficiencies, blocked detoxification pathways, poor gut health. Once we remove then burden the body can achieve homeostasis. I’m here to help you to stop putting bandaids on symptoms . I’m here to help you understand why your health issues happen in the first place and to help you fully support your body so its in optimal health. 

Deep healing is not a quick and easy process and its until we hit rock bottom that we apply changes we dont simply CHOOSE.

Healing is about changing the things you do CHOOSE.