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We shouldn't have to suffer with symptoms and excessive band aiding our issues with medications , supplements and avoiding certain foods and allergens.

We must learn how to get to the root cause of the issue and understanding the WHY through root cause testing, genetics and transforming our lifestyle into one that supports our own unique microbiome. To helps us heal and prevent dis-ease.


Meet Eve, foodie at heart Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) , Personal Trainer (NASM, PPCS) and Culinary Nutrition Chef (NGI) passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness through bioindividuality. Eve meets with clients virtually, and locally in Brooklyn, NY.


My passion is to help clients restore and maintain optimal health through Whole Foods, emotional healing , finding the root cause to symptoms  and changing lifestyle habits at home. My own health journey has inspired me to dive deep into helping those with are dealing with thyroid and gut problems. Eve assists patients of Dr. Keith Berkowitz of Center of Balanced Health in NYC that involves nutrition and functional labs to help you find root cause to your symptoms.


I believe that dis-ease is nothing more than our bodies being out of balance from toxins, stress, nutrient deficiencies, blocked detoxification pathways, poor gut health. Once you remove toxins, and assist the body's processes it can achieve homeostasis and put you on the road to recovery and long term health. I’m here to help you to stop putting bandaids on symptoms and understand why your health issues are happening in the first place. 

Deep healing is not a quick and easy process.
It will take time and effort but with the right tools and people it can be an experience of recovery and growth.
Take one step at a time and don't try to control the things out of your hands.


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