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Want to figure out which plan will work for you best?

There are no refunds for these services. To cancel any packages must be within 24 hours after booking. We are reasonable people and expect to be paid for work that we complete but we also understand that circumstances can change and will do our best to work with you to resolve any instances if  you choose to pause future appointments. Commitment, communication and trust is very important before signing up to any package. All appointments are via zoom video or phone. 

If you had a discovery call deduct $30 from payment

6 month Package

This package is more of a commitment plan for those who want to figure it out and fix their issues. Get to the bottom of your symptoms or reach your health goals by addressing your diet, lifestyle , supplement , exercise, health history, blood work and functional labs  if needed.​"We'll customize your diet to reduce inflammation and find the best foods for you. We can also help with recipes and improve your shopping and cooking habits at home. Blood work will guide us to address deficiencies and underlying causes for symptoms. Ensure you have a doctor for blood work and insurance coverage if needed. Appointments for personalized shopping or in-home kitchen consulting." 

Balance hormones 
Reduce inflammation 
Sleep better 
Have Clearer skin 
More Energy 
Lose weight
Reduce constipation
Reduce toxin load

Dr. Berkowitz (session costs $500) 
His office will cover blood work. You must schedule pre consult and wait for functional lab results to schedule with him.

Only for NY/Florida clients

* Reccomendations from a Board Certified P.A  Raymond Sultan in Brooklyn , NY . 718.407.7300 
or P.A Adina Erez


If you live outside of NY you must have a doctor on board for blood work

Package includes:

15 minute Pre consult to discuss forms , symptoms and you will be given a list of comprehensive blood work AND FUNCTIONAL LABS IF NEEDED(EXTRA COST)

1 60 minute follow up 

10 30 minute follow ups every 2 weeks 

**Whats App Support is available in between appointments. Please expect a response at the end of the day or next morning. Keep it to 1-2 questions . All follow ups should be every 2 weeks.
Save questions for weekly check ins.
(check clients document for information)
** Functional labs if needed are not included. PRICE RANGE $500-$1000 
Supplement protocol can range between$100-400.

How do I begin

Venmo : Eve-Scaba
Payment can be split in 2 or monthly installments for $375


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