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What is the Flavorful FIT Movement?

The FlavorfulFIT Movement is a program for those who want to lose weight in addition to improving  overall health providing nutrition, mindset and a whole foods approach. The FF program focuses on balancing your hormones and blood sugar with many options to choose from so you don't feel deprived. Most diets focus on restriction and removing certain food categories which leave you feeling lost after you lose weight. I am here to help you focus on implementing healthier alternatives , keep you satisfied by eating the things you love which will create  a lifestyle you can enjoy while losing weight and mold habits to help you long term.


The first 3 days is a 3 day inflammatory detox to remove any foods that might cause inflammation , reduce cravings and is a jump start elimination diet to help with figuring out if you have any sensitivities . If you have many unresolved symptoms or underlying conditions a 21 day detox will be provided but dont worry with my professional experience with culinary nutrition we will make it as fun , enjoyable as possible. 

The first Month includes :

Menus, Shopping Lists, Recorded videos( gut health, mindset, time management, how to dine out, how to get through the weekends and any additional nutrition information needed) 

Private and Group Support if needed 

1 - 40 minute appointment in person or via phone to discuss concerns, goals, fitness coaching, functional medicine labs and blood work if necessary. 

1 -20 minute follow up 

A Meal Guide will be mailed to you with 

portion lists and substitutions for variety of different food options.

 (open to all different lifestyles vegans, gluten free, vegetarian etc  if you don't have time to cook the meal tracker helps you customize the program to every busy lifestyle)

 Daily access to ME daily as you roam the supermarket or dine in a restaurant always have your questions answered throughout your journey. (NOT AVAILABLE AFTER 8:30PM) via whats app. 


  Eve believes real changes start with individualized guidance and group support if needed. Maintaining a open relationship and being comfortable to talk about your personal hardships , weaknesses and concerns truly helps me understand the root cause of your emotional and physical concern.




What sets The FF Movement apart from all other diets?

The FF program focuses on overall health : Mind, Body and Soul . Once you find a balance with overall health you will learn  how to be more mindful 


You will learn:

  • how to read nutrition labels

  • Stay in tune with your mind and body signals

  • Lose weight or maintain weight (maintenance is a separate plan)

  • Learn how to dine out 

  • Learn about and eliminate foods that cause bloating, fatigue, upset stomach and relieve constipation.

  • Improve overall gastrointestinal health

  • Curb cravings 

  • Learn how maintain a healthy weight while pregnant , weight loss post pregnancy.

  • Gain knowledge about what is the right fitness program for you from a Certified Personal trainer.

  • Learn culinary tips and how to transform your most favorite recipes into a recipe you can enjoy and not feel guilty.


You will lose inches , gain mental , physical and emotional health with everything Eve has to offer with a balanced wholesome  experience.I truly believe the FlavorfulFIT plan is not a diet, but a lifestyle you can commit to longterm. The movement is all about creating better habits, balancing food cravings, and enjoying life to the fullest. You can achieve your goals and feel great from the inside out. The FF movement and Eve is here for you until you achieve your goals to the fullest for as long as it takes , you will achieve the impossible and gain confidence throughout your journey by making the commitment for yourself and prioritizing your health. You also have the option to stay connected to our Monthly Support Group ($50) after sign up for a more affordable way to continue. 



What are the common types of clients on the program?

The FF movement has helped transform clients who are  10- 200 pounds overweight or suffer with IBS , Lyme disease, Psoriasis , Hypothyroid , Type 2 Diabetes, Celiac Disease,  skin disorders, heal chronic gut issues and stabilize blood sugar levels helping lower cholesterol, post sleeve, pregnant or post pregnancy . The. program is modified to each persons specific needs.




When can I start?

Sign up by Wednesday 10PM and start Monday. 


















Before signing up please fill out the questionnaire below, if you feel the program is the right fit for you sign up below for the first month and  WhatsApp me at 718-795-6126 








Charges throughout program are non-refundable.




OTHER Payment Methods: 

Chase QuickPay:

Venmo: Eve Scaba



If you used Chase, Venmo, Cash

please Whats APP 718.795.6126  your mailing address and to receive documents manually.


*With respect to me and FlavorfulFIT INC. 

The FF program recipes and guidelines are Copyright Protected*

DO NOT share program information, recipes with others.

I have personally designed this program as well as the recipes and a lot of work has gone into creating the program.

**If information is shared , it is a violation and felony and punishable by law. Automatic suspension from the program  and a fine of up to $250,000 can result.

I thank you in advance for your commitment, and I'm looking forward to sharing many more delicious recipes and ideas to help you keep a healthy lifestyle.*


What happens after you Enroll?

You will receive a welcome packet, 3 day detox sheet, and Week 1-4 menu on the Wednesday before you start.

Make sure to Download Google Drive and Docs to your phone for file access.


Its best to focus step by step so you are not overwhelmed with all that you will learn the first month.



AFTER the FIRST month  you will have the option to :

Re-Enroll Every 2 Weeks: $40.00(including appointment , menu and recipes)


Re-enroll monthly with a  *Discount*  : $72.00

or join just to keep in touch: $50 and stay connected

refer a friend after signing up and receive 10% off

for every referral you will receive 10% off every time you renew.




Wishing you an easy and successful journey always keep in touch!








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