Aug 30, 2017

Thank you Eve!


If your thinking about joining the flavorful fit movement, DONT HESITATE! I am not a person that likes to sit in the kitchen cooking and baking , and this program worked amazing for me. It is SO EASY TO FOLLOW... recipes are so simple yet so delcious.. and my whole family is so into it . My kids started making healthy desserts every week and my husband even enjoys all the healthy recipes! Plus I lost a ton of weight and it was so easy . Eve is always there to answer your personal questions . She even tested my PH water levels for me!! Even now when i reached my goal weight and im off the program, im still living a healthy lifestyle ! Im not even tempted to eat all the junk I used to have . Thanks Eve;)

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  • Let me tell you all something about Eve Scaba..she is one in a million!! I have always considered .myself a healthy cook and a healthy person but she took me to the next level! For years I have had issues with my weight, no matter the diet or exercise, still had a bunch of weight that would not come off.. With the ff movement, I waa finally able to lose most of the weight(still on program!), lose INCHES..went down to a size 6 for the first time in 8 years. I have grown to love this girl ..she is so special..she loves each and every person on her program..puts her heart and soul into eveything she does! Eve, THANK YOU!!!!! 💜💜💜
  • This program makes so much sense! I'm so grateful to the energetic Eva, who is so devoted to her "girls" ;) and her inventive recipes and amazing support for each individual on the program. Eating clean and eating measured portions makes me feel fuller and more satisfied than ever - the constant bloating or discomfort is pretty much GONE. All that added nonsense to the processed foods I used to eat is useless and preparing food for myself is truly the way to go. Eve also prepares lists of how and what to order in restaurants we all go to and that makes this eating lifestyle so doable! It's real life, Flavorfulfit is truly a movement that will take the diet world by storm!
  • i am on the program going on the 3rd week went to Dr Carlin, my yeast is down and my psoriasis is hardly there. I've been struggling with this problem for 40 years.Thank you Eve for sharing this way of life with us all You are what you eat is proof to us all!!!! Thank you Jill Tornopsky



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