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Want to figure out which plan will work for you best?

Root Cause Health Package


Does this sound like you ?

  • I am sick of doing different diets and getting no explanation on why i simply cant lose weight 

  • I dont feel good but my doctor says my labs are normal 

  • I am always getting sick or have digestive issues ,bloating , constipation.

  • I have low energy or suffering with hormonal changes.

  • I have so many sensitivities , eczema, headaches etc.

  • I take supplements but my levels are still low. 

  • My diet is so limited I react to everything.

  • I get sick often , my heart races , poor memory , anxiety , depression .



Learn how to reconnect to your own body signals learn what foods work for you the best.  Elimination diets are incorporated to help support drainage pathways. 

  • Balance hormones 

  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Sleep better 

  • Have Clearer skin 

  • More Energy 

  • Lose weight

  • reduce constipation and regularity

Package includes:

individualized nutrition, supplement protocols.

15 minute Pre consult to go over functional labs and blood work

-60 minute discovery session (detailed questionnaire)

-2 60 minute follow up sessions 


Supplement protocol can range between$100-400

** Functional labs if needed are not included prices are below

Whats App Support daily when needed 

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Functional Lab Package

Do you feel like you arent getting anywhere with blood work or the doctors office or simply want to get more answers on why you have a list of symptoms ? Schedule a session and run functional labs that will help you get to the root.

Lab testing prices below

Session includes a 30 minute discovery session and a 30 minute follow up  going over symptoms and recommended labs followed by a lab interpretation. Protocols not included .


Dr Keith Berkowitz Root Cause and Health Program

Work alongside a certified Health Practitioner and M.D. Dr. Keith Berkowitz to help you understand your symptoms , manage and test!  Functional lab prices below 
Includes a nutrition and supplementation program after testing
1st appointment : 30 minute consult to address labs 
2nd appointment : Dr Keith Berkowitz ($500) after getting results 
3rd appointment : 60 minute with Eve to address diet and protocols etc. 
Continue with Dr. Keith Berkowitz and follow up with a health package
Supplement protocol can range between$100-400

Prices for labs :
Root Çause Lab: OAT, GPL Tox, Glyphosate ($539)
OAT $309
Mycotoxins (Mold) $299
GPL TOX $219
Glyphosate $99
Food Sensitivity $229
HTMA $140
Stool Analysis $345
Omega 3 Index $140
Root Cause Lab COMPLETE: ( GPL TOX, OAT,Glyphosate, Mycotoxin, HTMA, IGG Food Map) $1198

Stratgene $295

Mycometrics ERMI test (Mold)

If you live in NY you must have a different state for ordering to ship to .