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Wellspring Magazine

January 01, 2020

The Wellspring is a monthly health publication distributed throughout the US and Canada. The Wellspring was created to educate and inform the Jewish community on topics related to health and wellness, as well as to provide insights and suggestions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Community Magazine

Community Magazine is a magazine with primary information of what's going on in the community that we live in. Eve sat with Community Magazine and spoke about her life and how she came to be where she is today. She spoke about her childhood, marriage, and the starting point of her business, The FlavorfulFIT Movement. Eve also talks about her goals, accomplishments, and advice to everyone who's looking to lose weight and begin a journey to having a healthy lifestyle. 

Jewish Vibe

The Jewish Vibe is a Toronto-based magazine that launches in New York. They are a team of amazing Jews who joined forces to unite Jewish communities globally with entertainment, food, and culture. Eve spoke with The Jewish Vibe to talk about herself, the movement she's running, and how it works. The FlavorfulFIT Movement is a program for those who have countlessly tried many diets and want to learn more about how to lose weight, feel energized and take care of their overall health. Whether you're looking to lose weight, recover from a chronic illness or even to help your growing family thrive on a health journey and lifestyle program, the FF Movement can help you achieve your weight loss goals and other medical issues without feeling deprived.

An article about Alcohol and how to stay fit!

Eve recently wrote an article for between carpools all about alcohol and diet . The effects on how alcohol can get you busting out your jeans and how to avoid it!

Exceed for Women

Exceed network is a network for business entrepreneurs in the sephardic community that give the advice in need to grow their businesses. Eve was asked to speak at the women exceed network Panel discussing the Flavorful fit Movement that is changing the lives of many homes in our community. Watch the Video below which is the full event video now on youtube.


The FF Movement has taken the jewish community by storm! Check out how my interview with Sephardic.ORG

A day to Nourish

July 19, 2017

A day to Nourish at the Kassin beach in Deal , NY was a day of health and wellness. I had the honor of enjoying the day and meeting clients on the FF movement.

Between Carpools

Eve was featured on popular blog, Between Carpools! Check out the article below to find out how to get a flat belly, fast.


FlavorfulFIT's Eve Elenhorn is the Chopped Champion benefiting the Laniado Birthing Center in Israel. Fish, leeks, and candy corn were just some of the items in the mystery baskets, and Eve exemplified true culinary skill incorporating those ingredients into her dish. Eve stayed true to her program and cooked a healthy and nutritious dish that ultimately beat the other competitors'.


Eve was featured on SPRI's Instagram page for a #Mondaymotivation! Click the link to see the video.


Eve's success story is featured in ShapeFIT magazine! Click the link below to be inspired.

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