The Story behind Flavorful FIT

Behind FlavorfulFIT

"It's crazy to think that not one Dietician or Nutritionist can figure out why I wasn't losing weight I chose to put my health and lifestyle into my own hands."

-Eve Owner of Flavorful FIT

Growing up, I was a very thin, petite girl. I ate tons of junk and never had to worry about my size. Because of this background, I was not aware of what the heavy carbs and fats were doing to my body. I had been diagnosed with a number of digestive issues during my pregnancies. I felt tired and bloated, and I was always in pain. After my second baby was born, the scale tipped at 195, and that is incredibly heavy for my height  5’2. I remember going to a store, and they didn't even carry a pair of jeans in my size. It finally hit me that it was time for a change.


I started out with crash diets-- Shakeology, Atkin’s, the Soup Diet. I even tried Dr. Oz’s supplements. These were all quick fixes, but they were impossible to stick to, and the scale went right back up. I also felt sluggish, fatigued, and hungry! I was so discouraged from failing until I realized that “diet” wasn’t the answer, but a change in my habits would be the key.


I started researching what it means to have a healthy body, particularly what can aggravate my hypothyroidism, a metabolic disorder. I discovered that processed ingredients needed to be eliminated from my diet immediately. Once I did that, I lost ten pounds. Every time I walked into a market and picked up a box, I would Google the ingredients I didn’t recognize. I also took on the challenge of taking my favorite recipes and substituting the unhealthy ingredients. I would get to eat my chocolate cake, but with almond flour subbed for the traditional wheat flour. No diets allow chocolate cake! That’s the beauty of a lifestyle change. A slight alteration can make the biggest difference. I also made sure to commit to one exercise class per day. Improving my health and losing weight was one of my top priorities, and every day took effort and dedication but my overall health needed it.


I truly believe that eating right, staying properly hydrated, and exercising regularly will lead to a better quality of life. After losing the weight I was determined to going back to school and learning. I enrolled at Integrative of Nutrition , the next year became a personal trainer, and the year later at Natural Gourmet Institute where I learned more about food and the body.

I am now set on helping others feel as good as I do now mentally, physically and emotionally.


All the best,




*Results vary depending on starting point and effort. Lifestyle changes and overall commitment*


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