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A busy schedule involves less time to take care of your own needs like preparing your meals or running out the door with a meal or snack handy. Most products you find packaged or even store bought have tons of ingredients that aren't wholesome , high in sugar, oil , and of course ingredients that our bodies don't agree with.


At FlavorfulFIT we strive to help FF clients and people throughout the community to have access to clean ingredients for all their fridge, freezer and pantry needs. Sometimes when you simply don't have time these options are great additions to your fridge or freezer for quick throw togethers. 

We believe in honesty with all ingredients in our products and respect our customers need for quality.


We are stocked with many different options from dressings, veggie burgers, snacks, desserts, meals(breakfast , lunch and dinner) etc. 

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 All FF approved meals you see are designed and monitored by Eve a trained



Natural Gourmet Institute Food and Healing Chef 

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All products are 100% Kosher and locally sourced from our FF Vendors and companies. Check out our menu for kashrut on each food product.

 We use NON GMO ingredients in all our meals.

Our meals are low glycemic and made with high quality ingredients.

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Eve calculates and makes sure all meals and snacks are nutritionally balanced there is no need to calorie count when we portion it for you!

Contact   us

If you dont see something you might be interested in adding to your fridge that you don't see on our menu simply email us at to let us know what you are looking for !

Eve Elenhorn

A word from 


"Quality of ingredients is what our bodies thrive on for long term health. Your body feels physically more energetic , mental awareness and helps overall sleep. Overall health is the key to a healthy lifestyle."

our Weight loss program

To learn more about the FF movement click on the link below and even ask for a customized menu around our system.


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Store your meal prep items in the freezer , fridge or pantry.

Freshly made dinners can be frozen or used up to 1-3 days in the fridge.

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Come visit us at

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or order online and let us bring it to your car!

All orders must be made by

Wednesday 9 PM for Monday Delivery 

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