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After I purchase how do I connect to the group?
 Please request to become a member first , you must receive a confirmation email of acceptance and then log in to your account to purchase the sugar reset. Once you purchase the sugar reset you can download the app and login and you will have access to the course. Whats app Eve at 718.795.6126 and you will be added to the what's app group

Coffee on Desk

Do you need a reset but also want to not feel like you're on a diet?

Are you confused about nutrition ? Do you feel inflamed , have uncontrollable cravings and are tired of trying different diets. This program has helped many re learn how to be more in tune with their body signals, lose weight and learn what foods work for them best.

You will feel more confident with how you read labels, how to dine out , balancing your plate and how you cook for you and your family. Its the perfect course for a easy transformation.

Coffee on Desk

What you will learn

  • The foundations of nutrition and how your plate should look. Experience not just what to eat but how to eat and when to eat.

  • how to modify traditional recipes and learn how to swap out ingredients for ingredients you can integrate in your home pantry. You'll feel more confident with how you cook and break free from restriction.

  • Enjoy menus, easy recipes , hand outs and tips that you will do during and even after the plan

  • Understand the science and basics behind hormones and how to eat and support them .

  • What might be causing you to not lose weight with a qualified health practitioner under the recommendations of of an M.D who specializes in weight loss and thyroid.

  • Learn from special guest Emotional Practitioner on how to break free from traumas and understand the connection between the mind/body and how that affects health.

  • How to reduce cravings, sleep better, have more energy and lose weight.

  • How to customize your workouts to fit your goals and understand the impacts of how it can sabotage your goals.

  • Learn the top 5 foundational tools to impact your health long term and the secrets on how to prevent disease, symptoms or setbacks. 

Coffee on Desk

Whats included ?

- Menus and recipes with photos
- Hands outs : How to meal prep, shopping lists, meal trackers, swap out lists , cooking tips , basic blood work panel list and much more.
-How to promote natural detoxification and support lymph and liver function.
-Whats app group support that doesn't expire. (Dates announced) or self paced
-  10 Self paced Video modules with educational information
- 15 minute Workout videos with steps (includes stretching and mobility how to's)

Coffee on Desk

Common questions

Can I modify this for my husband or while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes the program comes with the how tos.

Is the cooking time consuming?
No , you dont need to do the recipes you have the ability to modify the program with whatever you like to it with a guidelines list on how to balance your plate.

Can I do this if im vegan or gluten free?
Yes the program is customizable to suit any preference of diet.

Is this a weight loss program?
Yes, most people lose weight but the overall approach is to do this course and apply the education to better help you understand so you can mold a lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable.

When can I start?
You can do the course at your own pace without the group support or sign up for the group programs that start every 2 months.

How can I gain access to the modules and workouts ?
Please request to become a member, you must receive a confirmation email of acceptance and then log in to your account to purchase the sugar reset. Once you purchase the sugar reset you can download the app 


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