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With the FF Movement and Doterra I also want to deliver by bringing a healthy lifestyle through eating right , exercise, rest and managing stress. I will work hand in hand to motivate each individual to live their life to the fullest. I believe living in a world where people have positive results will make their world a better place to live in. People that feel good approach life as their best, setting them selves to clear their minds to help them act better and approach their relationships , goals , self care with a more empowered and balanced way. Using tools such as essential oils and healthy eating can strengthen the 6 categories that compromise a healthy lifestyle.

My intent is for the people on the program to experience relief whether its to elevate stress, sleeping better by eating whole foods and  incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils you will be at a level you have never imagined physically. emotionally,  and mentally. 

Contact Eve to Learn More 718-795-6126

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