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Green Goodness

One persons diet can be another persons poison. It'important to not mask symptoms through diet but as well to get to the root of the cause. Diet should be used as a form of decreasing inflammation , addressing what foods work for you best, reconnecting to body signals  and properly addressing fat metabolism  the dangers of how specific diets can damage or exaggerate symptoms. You can try multiple diets for weight loss but the reason question to ask is WHY not just how.


Gut imbalances can be the source to many hormonal imbalances and my belief is that if digestion and absorption is addressed it can help you prevent infections, disruption and disease. If you arent supporting the gut you can be become compromised and more likely to deal with dis-ease in the future.

Green Goodness
Green Goodness

Reducing toxicity and supporting the bodies natural capabilties to detox through the liver, colon, kidney and lymph can help reduce the burden on our organs and I truly believe if we live a less toxic life we can address prevention. Our water, air and products we use such as skin products, clean products and plastic can help rebalance hormones and decrease endocrine dysfunction.


Symptoms are a direct signal that the body is under stress. Most diagnosed diseases are a compilation of a group of listed symptoms. What I believe is that the body is very smart and there is a reason and explanation to symptoms. We can either learn to alleviate , treat , or even put a bandaid via medications, supplements and diet . But if you arent getting to the root cause of those symptoms you are simply masking the root issue. My question is not on the HOW to fix it but the WHY first and then the how because if you work backwards symptoms will always come back.

Green Goodness
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