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Tips on Vacation Goodies and Staying on Track

This is it, the time has come that we dread once we start a program. We get nervous when there is a party coming up we get nervous when we go out for late night dinner. We fear that we are breaking the rules whether it's eating after 7pm or not being prepared to hold back on temptations.

With my experience with going away I always make sure to take some snacks and a few goodies that I know some resorts might not have or just won't be healthy enough. Here is a list of some things you can buy that is easy to store and prep in your hotel room or have room service do for you. Feel free to create a menu and work around what you are taking... Grab a piece of paper and plan your vacation that way you can enjoy your time and not worry that you will run off track.

Dry Goods:

Ezekiel- Keep out up to 1 week - freeze for longer shelf life

Popcorn-( skinny pop )

Matt's Munchies

Roasted almonds or 100 calorie pack nut bags

Hearts of Palm

Black Beans


Puffed Cereal- Millet or Kamut

Rice Sticks- Costco

Rice Cakes

Peanut Butter

Almond Butter

Lara Bars

Rx Bars

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Chocolate Leathers -Health Food Store

Oatmeal Packets- Trader Joe's - Any oatmeal packet that does not contain artificial ingredients - (quakers oats and maple syrup)

Aunt Mary's Crackers

Protein Chips

Freezer dried fruit

Rice Cakes

Coconut Butter

Barbaras Cereal Pre Packed

Wild Caught Tuna Cans

Avocado mayo or Light Mayo

Corn Tortillas


Apple Butter

Cooked brown rice or cooked quinoa(health food store , Kosher corner, Associated)

Imagine Soup

Freezer Goods:

Veggie Burgers(Dr praeger's Kale or California )

Sliced Turkey Deli

Turkey Burgers- Cooked and Pre packed

Chicken Cutlets- Cooked and Pre packed

Steam Fresh Vegetables

Shredded Cheese - Daiya(Pareve) or Mozzarella Cheese

Refrigerated Goods:

Hummus (Organic non processed)

Baby Carrots

Cheese Sticks

Greek Yogurt

Organic Peeled Beets

Cooked Tofu Squares vacuum Sealed -(Stop and Shop and Shoprite Carry in Health Section)

Cooked Lentils( Trader Joe's)

TIP #1

Stop thinking about food too much and what your going to eat next when we think too much it makes us crazy to want to eat every hour and feel the need but really it's your head that's tricking you especially when you just ate. Eat more slowly and chew more thoroughly to give time for your mind to relax and realize its digesting the foods you're eating thus making you full.


Don't hesitate to ask the hotel to do something for you ,you are their guest they will try to accommodate you as much as they can things like (warming up foods, giving you a microwave or toaster)


Always grab fruits down to the beach from breakfast for easy snacks and when hungry.


Take a Cold Bag to prep your days meals in a bag and keep it fresh.


Pack those sneakers! Don't be afraid to take the time to actually exercise whether it's a walk on the beach or a 30 minute session in the gym - Message me if you would like to buy some easy carry on bags to use for your workouts.


Take the time to relax enjoy your time take at least ten minutes to relax and breath with no distractions and pay attention to the way your breathing. In and out through your nose and mouth.( This taps into your inner mind keeping you focused leading to no binging. Trust me meditation works!


Load up on lots of vegetables at meals especially if you are in an inclusive resort!


Take a Saute Pan for Eggs in the morning(Kosher)


The day that you leave make sure to prepare a bag the night before to have your meals prepared.

You won't have any time to find something to eat.


Always keep fresh fruit in your room that won't perish like bananas, apples , oranges , grapefruits


If you are going to a place that has your own kitchen check out local supermarkets for extra fruits and vegetables and stock up in your fridge.


Most importantly stay hydrated! Drink as much H20 especially in hot weather!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or suggestions to add to this list so that we can help everyone have an easy trip!

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