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Diastasis Recti and Pilates

Which workout will help burn fat and which type of workout will speed up my metabolism ? Why am I not losing weight doing yoga?

I often ask people what are your goals when it comes to exercise without hearing what social media or the news makes it out to be. In my own personal training experience I never like to make any of my clients feel as though my way is the only way, because it is not. My goal is to make my clients feel good and make sure they are meeting their own personal goals and that they are performing a quality experience.

I recently got into Diastasis Recti because I always felt something was missing when I would do over excessive ab exercises which later led to causing my stomach to bulge . Which got me thinking 🤔.... why most Pilates instructors don’t know a whole lot about Diastasis Recti while Pilates is a "core" based workout . The industry honestly confuses me . The law allows you to personal train people without a certification , and core based workouts don’t require extensive training in inner core rehabilitation.

Which brings me back to why was Pilates created ?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to shame or speak ill of any form of exercise. Exercise happens to be the best thing anyone can do for them physically with proper guidance. I’m only here to educate , inform and give you guys a clearer picture when you are creating your fitness goals .

Pilates was created in the 1920's by a trainer Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation used to strengthen and heal aches and pains . The two key components are spinal alignment and core muscle strength.

Although there are many benefits claimed there is still not enough proven data to back them up. I do believe Pilates can be a great workout but let’s learn more about it and take the necessary precautions needed.

Ever hear of :

Longer leaner ?

Apparently you can’t elongate your muscles unless you are pulling your bones which is physically impossible .

Strength , stability and mobility ?

A study was conducted that women who performed Pilates were considered far more conditioned than someone who did a basic ab crunch and stimulated superficial muscles way better using a Muscle Test.

From the many claims and true promises Pilates has made , just like any other form of exercises has its own pros and cons . The only way to know if any form of exercise is right for you is based on each persons individual needs in terms of injury, range of motion , strength and personal goals .

Most clients I work with are looking for weight loss and a quicker metabolism, in a recent study it was shown Pilates had the same results in muscle composition as those lifting weights. Weight loss has always been the million dollar question in the nutrition field as so in the fitness industry. There is no way to tell but depending on BMR , calorie intake , how much you are burning in a class , and the intensity of your workout will you be able to get a clearer picture. Weight loss at the end of the day is calories in V.S Calories out. You can exercise as much as you want if you are going over that amount you will have the hardest time losing clear and cut out like a cookie cutter its plain and simple.

The only concern I do have with clients is performing Pilates without the inability to properly activate the transverse abdominus. Being that you are using the muscle almost every second of the day and even in ADDITION during Pilates a ab focused workout could be making Diastasis .Recti , or pelvic dysfunction even worse even more-so make you feel like your back is as hard as a brick and hurts you at every workout.

Here are my top 5 tips on how you can go to class in confidence if you suspect Diastasis Recti

1. Schedule a One on One Session with a certified Pelvic Floor Specialist.

2. Ask your qualified instructor if they are familiar with D.R and make sure they are well aware of modifications plus raising awareness to certain movements that activate the T.A or avoid Pilates until you have carefully healed your D.R .

3. Dont stress if you have to change your workout regimen because you can always go back to it in the future its only temporary! Plus Ab exercises are only working on your rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus not your INNER CORE.

4. Take it slow ! We always seem to rush when it comes to dieting and even in exercise . We push ourselves too much that we dont even realize that the pushing can sometimes push us over the edge and even worst case scenario cause injury . Go by how you feel and listen to your body through your workouts.

5. If you notice more stomach bulging after weeks of Pilates stop doing pilates. I never like to be repetitive with the same type of workout but rather mix it up throughout the week . Just like something bad isn't good too much same goes for the good . Even too much of something good isn't so good.

Of course you can always purchase the D.R EBOOK on my website to learn everything you need to know about it but my best advice is to go with how you feel and listen to your body !

For more information head over to the section SHOP EBOOKS.

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