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Heavy Metals and Non TOXIC Cookware

There are some things we never think about in todays lifestyle choices when it comes to choices we make with nutrition, products we put on our skin and even the water we drink. Years ago when our mothers use to have us sit on the kitchen counter to help them make homemade dishes we were more in tune with what we were putting in our bodies and what was in our enviroment. We would walk to the pay phone to make a phone call and even use dial up to get onto the internet. There was no such thing as toxic overload on our bodies because there wasn't so much that we were exposed to. But again I dont think as many people were suffering with chronic illness back in the days . I scratch my head in wonder and really try to understand the correlation between toxic overload and its effects on the human body. Recently I've found out that I had high levels of mercury in my system but also the fact that I'm positive for MTHFR - which means I have poor methylation thus decreasing my ability to detoxify from heavy metals. So not only is it important for me to get on the right protocol but also mentally understanding that decreasing the toxicity I will avoid other symptoms .


In todays world we :

stream WIFI

use Bluetooth

Constantly use cellphones

are eating more processed food , pesticides etc.

are sleeping less

All of which are important to reduce , to avoid toxic overload and reduce chronic stress on your nervous and immune system. When we are overly exposed it can lead to several health concerns and many symptoms that go unexplained. Some areas might be more important like sleep and nutrition but overall why not slowly integrate a home that can be less toxic for you and your family .I dont know how the future might look but im hoping drones won't be flying over our homes adding more problems than we need right now.

My experience was a true lifestyle change by using baby steps . First it was the cereal that I made changes to for my children , then it was other snacks , following the dirty dozens list , Shampoo and Conditioner and lastly creams , deodorant etc. I know for some it may sound way too extreme but when your someone dealing with a chronic illness you will do whatever in your power to avoid any flare ups and extra stress to the body.

Not only is it important to know what you are putting in your body but it is also important how you are breaking it down . When getting a well check its common for me to inform clients who are dealing with chronic illness to check homocysteine levels or even testing for MTHFR Genetic Mutation where it can really get down to where the issue is coming from and wether your body is detoxifying properly. Even so those who don't have a gallbladder can have issues with breaking down bile that is now going straight into the liver. When you over stress the liver it will have a harder time recreating new healthy cells in the body.


What would be your first step?

FOOD WATER and AIR I believe are the most important things to worry about being that those are the primary things we need on a daily basis constantly.


Following the dirty dozen list below and making sure to use organic with the following produce.

2. HOW YOU COOK your food ?

Brings me into the subject about our pots and pans what are the dangers?

Some pots we normally use have PTFE also known as Polytetrafluorethylene. Which is a coating on the pans that turn into a toxic PFOA also known as Perfluorooctanoic acid at high heat. It can stay in your body for long periods of time and can affect your nervous system. Ive also heard if you leave the flame on it can kill your birds oh my gosh I can't believe im saying that but from what I was reading was pretty scary. I would suggest anyone with any serious health history to make the change and invest in different cookware.

Ive done some research on pots and pans which the internet make it entirely confusing with all the complicating reviews. If you plan on purchasing non stick you must ask the company what is the coating made of . I would also not suggest using any aluminum base pots and pans because if you scratch it it will leach into your food. UTENSILS: Never use utensils that will scratch the pan and use heat resistant spoons and spatulas.

Two great companies I have bumped into were :

ALL CLAD Stainless Steal no finish: Very hard to clean and shouldn't be used with acidic food.

LODGE cast iron and ceramic pans : High in Iron which is great but also hard to clean

Extrema : Not so many options hard to clean and heavy

Green Pan: Non stick great options

Cuisinart Green Line : Great options

Here is how I set my kitchen up :

Green Pan 8 inch and 10 inch for eggs and vegetables

Green Pan Pro 11 inch for fish

All clad stainless steal set for meat no coating: Stock pot for rice, 11 inch deep sauce pan.

Lodge 6.5 for stews and Meat dishes and searing.

Lodge 6 qt Dutch oven for soups , stews,

Lodge 3 qt and Skillet : for grilling small portions

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