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Sweet Potato Crock Pot Chicken with Watercress

So many people have problems with gaining weight over the weekend so I've come up with a plan to make crockpot dinners for Friday's I'll make sure to have you be licking the pot that you won't even want to look twice at having bread or cake. Using whole grains will subside the urge to splurge with sweets.

Ingredients :

One Cornish hen

Braggs 24 herb spice

Garlic powder



4 cloves garlic

1 onion chopped

1 sweet potato chopped

1 cup low sodium chicken chicken broth

Half cup water cress

Tbsp olive oil


1.Place the diced sweet potatoes and onions on the bottom of the pot and Place the chicken above. Throw olive oil and all the spices in : paprika, fresh garlic, garlic powder, 24 spice and salt. Blend well enough to cover the chicken with spices.

2.Pour in the stock and let it sit on low for 6 hours. The last 20 minutes throw on top the watercress to add your greens! Enjoy!

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