Back to Routine SHEET GUIDE

Its back to school week you know what that means?

A great way to refresh your kitchen and restock on healthier alternatives plus organize yourself so you can crush the week !

I put together a few documents that you can print on paper or even a poster board . You can re use it by writing with a pencil or erasable marker for use on a board.

Lets face it we dont need the added stress and we can all use some organization to not only clear our mind but let us get throughout the day without binging all night!

The MENU document should help you plan your week ahead without scrambling on what to eat everyday . All you need is an hour at the beginning of the week to organize what could be the hardest thing for us to tackle like LUNCH and BREAKFAST.

The DAILY MONDAY-SUNDAY MENU should help you make a dinner menu for the week , write out a shopping list and heck if your even more short on time order through amazon or instacart! Shhhhhh what's my secret? This exact sheet! It allows me to prepare for the week that takes me no more than 10 minutes to plan and 15 minutes to prepare.

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