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Red Light Therapy

Is red light therapy another trend on health and wellness pages or is it a real health benefit? Part of my beliefs on educating clients is all about proven research, personal experiences and how it can help a person in a specific way . Before I have you rushing to spend your money on the latest technology lets cut down to the basics. I know ! I know! the health and industry market is growing and growing and many of us don't even look into why we purchase things so I thought I might be able to enlighten your decision making and be that much clearer on your purchase.

Here go's....

What is Red Light Therapy ?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds, among other conditions activating the lymphatic system for improved detoxification.

How does it work?

It impacts your mitochondria which is the powerhouse for energy production known as ATP. When our bodies are effected in a negative way it becomes extremely difficult for energy to get into our cells. By aiding production we can effectively give cells the energy they need to detox and recreate new healthy cells thus decreasing oxidative stress.

Who has Red light therapy benefited?

People who suffer with Rosausau , eczema, acne. Many people will say it has helped them in many given situations but is a very controversial topic because they're isn't so many studies to prove so . Although their are some that have been linked to helping. We also have to understand the RLT has been around since the 1900s , is FDA approved and has evidence based studies. It was also used by NASA to help grow plants in space how cool is that?

Evidence based benefits:



Hair Loss

Wrinkles(Collagen )



Sun Damage

Prevents Herpes

Relieves pain and inflammation

Reduces side effects of cancer treatment.

In a 2014 study it was shown that it had improved colitis - mucosal healing.

In 2013 a study showed overall improvement of the thyroid which helped reduce and eliminate thyroid medication and decreased hashimotos antibodies known as TPOAB.

Bottom line unlike most conventional treatments, red light therapy is safe, non-invasive, uses no chemicals or drugs, and is not associated with harmful side effects.

MY JOURNEY UPDATE I personally started using JOOV Red Light therapy because of the benefits to my thyroid disease. It takes 8 minutes to use and I can use it on the go. A lot of the times when we have multiple health issues going on we do so much possible to reverse it fearing that symptoms can come creeping up. When I found about my hashimotos I made a complete commitment in diet , supplementation, essential oils, detoxification protocols. When we make overall changes we cant clearly tell what has clearly helped us recover but any step towards change for the good is always a good step. You will literally try everything and do everything to help yourself feel better like I did.

On my 3 month journey to recovery I decreased my medications of Synthroid from 150MG down to 75MG right now. I introduced T3 also known as cytomel in hopes that I can give my thyroid a direct source of energy being that I was having a conversion issue. I have no idea what the future will bring me when it comes to my thyroid but im monitoring every 4 weeks my levels to make sure I am on the right dosage. I've heard from a few who have reversed thyroid disease through all that I am doing right now . I dont know how easily convinced I am that is possible but who knows anything can happen all I care about is I am safe and my health is good that's all I care about at this point.

If you feel like RLT is something that might be a benefit to you its always important to ask a doctor. As of today there are no adverse effects to RLT and is really safe to use.

To read more about JOOV and why JOOV is different than other devices head over to their website for more info


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