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10 reasons and tips to avoid knee and back injury

When it comes to fitness I feel like every women these days is always worried about injury, recovering from injury, or just afraid to take that big step towards getting fit and how long it's going to take. But one common thing women are afraid of is an impact it's going to make on their back and knees. The 2 most frightening parts of our body that are hard to recover or deal with. Especially when it compromises our ability to keep up with a normal amount of physical activity we look forward to or are trying to do when losing weight. What I love about incorporating my Health Coaching and Fitness is that I am able to not only heal them through food but give them tips and guidance on how to feel better physically and get strong enough to start a fitness program or just getting in shape slowly after an injury.

Most common reasons why women have trouble with the knees are :

  • Being overweight

  • Injury

  • fluid buildup behind the knee

  • cracking sounds

  • arthritis

  • painful on impact

  • Improper shoes

  • women who wear heels often

  • Constant intense workouts

Most common reasons why women have trouble with the back are:

  • poor core strength

  • herniated disk

  • back injuries

  • not bending properly

  • not carrying bags properly

  • improper shoes

  • hormones

  • stress

  • improper form during exercise

  • heavy lifting

  • epidural use

  • sciatica

  • poor posture

  • awkward movement

  • sitting in a position for too long

  • overweight

  • Pulled Muscle (Proper technique for recovery :Rest , Recovery , Ice and Heat)

10 TIPS on improving back and knee issues:

#1 Consult with a Doctor about physical therapy (Check Diagram for easy exercises for building strength around the back : stretches and exercises)

#2 Proper Sneakers for certain workouts

#3 Weight Loss

#4 Anti Inflammatory Natural Remedies (Ginger, Turmeric)

#5 Proper form during exercise especially running and squats

#6 Improving Posture

#7 Sucking in the core while lifting bags or anything heavy or bending to lift something that is on the ground rather than leaning over

#8 Resting if back or knee pain arises

#9 Do not ignore pain address it immediately to avoid scar tissue formation

#10 Build CORE strength to avoid BOTH knee and back issues.

For any more information on learning more about any injury feel free to schedule a Consultation !

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