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How to Prepare Pre Holiday and go into the holiday with a healthy mind

First off I want to say happy holiday and I'm glad you want to learn more about how to stay on track , plus going into the holiday without getting side tracked especially when we don't know where our next 6 meals are going to be. First and foremost we know the next 3 treacherous days are going to be majorly overwhelming with cooking, kids home and just not having a minute to spare to sit down for a meal or EVEN binge while we cook or pick on our kids meals. Being a working mom, schools out , errands are piling up , your son just bumped his head on the counter I totally get it. We are going to stress , stress , stress! Have no fear !

Here is a quick way to prep this weeks timeline with ease. First and foremost to go into a healthy week with a healthy mindset we must first clear our minds. Take an hour , 10 minutes , 30 minutes to yourself so we can collect our minds and be able to deal with our little rascals CALMLY .

Before doing so try a bubble bath, breathing for a minute calmly with your eyes closed inhaling and exhaling . I can't believe I am saying this the ADHD type person who can't breath for a minute. On Saturdays I make sure to get in my sleep ,relax and do some things to distract myself like cleaning out a closet, reading a book, reading a hot workout magazine and just slouching on the sofa with the kids.

Here are some easy tips to get through each meal. The only way to get through it is to be prepared even if it means get a salad from outside with a protein for lunches or even a protein shake or the FF bar just do NOT skip a meal or your water!!!!!!

Here are some prepackaged veggies that come precut to help with salad building

in 1 - 2- 3.

Shredded Carrots, red cabbage, coleslaw, arugula, spinach, beets pealed, hearts of palm, olives, cherry tomatoes, baby peppers, pickled cabbage, celery.

Precooked items:

cooked quinoa , Imagine low sodium soups, turkey, marinated tofu,

fail to plan , plan to fail.....

Quick Breakfast Ideas:

Pre packed Smoothie bags 2 ways ( less milk for fruit bowls and toppings for snacks)

Hardboiled Eggs

Cereal Pre packed in a bag


Ezekiel toast with guacamole packet or PB

Quick Lunch Ideas:

Tuna with Coleslaw and mayo/lemon/vinegar/salt/pepper

Lox on a toast with avocado packet

Fresh turkey from the butcher

protein shake


Cans of legumes : chickpeas, black beans

tortilla with black beans and guacamole and spinach

Ezekiel pizza

or order from outside properly.

Quick snacks :

Almonds and other nuts pre packed in bags

Fruits (apples, clementines, pre cut fruits from grocery)

order a detox shake on uber eats for the afternoon crave!

baby carrots

hummus and guacamole packets

matts munchies

chocolate leathers (for when you want to pull your hair out with the kids)

Mug cakes


Try to buy pre cut vegetables and frozen for easy grilling or roasting here are a list of some.

Precut mushrooms, French string beans, butternut squash spiralized , peppers , frozen broccoli, artichokes ,

Grill pieces of chicken cutlets in advance if you have to get through the next 3 days and even top them on lunches.

white chicken burgers from Boutique Butcher

grilled Salmon with spices and lemon juice with a side of frozen broccoli bag.

NOW comes the hard part the holiday and here is the best advice to give when going out for a meal and learning how to choose what to eat and even OFFER TO MAKE A DESSERT!

Choose proteins not sitting in sauce.

separate your proteins so you don't feel deprived ( 2 oz chicken, 2 oz roast etc.)

Use a slotted spoon for oily dishes

DRINK DRINK DRINK have a 4 cup bottle always, meals are very very late ! make sure to have a good late snack that is filling.



chocolate covered nuts



and offer a dish to make!

Always drink some tea to eliminate cravings

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