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Could artificial sweeteners be the next leading cause to Obesity?

We need to look past the calories and focus more about feeding our bodies food in its most natural form. Sugar and Artificial sweeteners can cause major gut issues that might not be present but can compromise good and bad bacteria in your gut. Did you know, our bodies have more microbes than human cells? Diet is an important factor in shaping the gut ecosystem. That means we should be taking more care of of our gut !

Your probably also thinking well who cares, what we should be asking ourselves is the artificial sweeteners really making us fat? Hormonal imbalances and obesity are one of the leading causes the more we consume artificial sweeteners, it can cause even a metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and even cardiovascular disease.

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It can also cause sweet cravings . Let’s compare this to a alcoholic. The more your body gets use to something the more your body will ask for it and become dependent. In most cases other than addictions , I strongly advise anything should be eaten in moderation if it has an affect on your body internally. Artificial sweeteners are known to disrupt the normal hormonal and neurological signals that control hunger and satiety.

You might have even seen me eat a pack of sour sticks once in a blue moon. It’s just how it is. But most of the time your body needs proper fuel 99% of the the time and that doesnt mean fuel from coffee or even drinking 5 cups of it , or bars and shakes that are suggested to fuel you , our bodies need REAL FOOD. FOOD that is naturally grown and we should be focusing on eating less from packaged snacks and food. If you read my previous article on weight cycling you will also realize why fad diets are a horrible weight loss strategy.

Judging by advertisements and how companies try to trick us and draw our attention it is becoming more difficult to understand what is true and what is not.

Which leads to my first rule. I always urge my clients to always turn over the package and read ingredients, I don't care how healthy it looks or even what it says on the front of the package.

Some recent companies like RX Bars , and KNOW products have hidden ingredients , chemicals even artificial sweeteners.

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Now it doesn’t mean we should be against real sweeteners itself but to use sugar in its whole form and in moderation. Have the small piece of cake if you want it . As society changes and the food industry grows their are some things we need to keep an eye on and learn to take care of ourselves we the tools we are given. Sweeten your coffee minimally, use natural sweeteners like dry fruits, bananas, dates etc. Lean more towards low glycemic sweeteners that have more nutrients rather than artificial sweeteners that can later cause metabolic and hormonal disruptions that can lead to obesity and future gut issues.

READ INGREDIENTS whatever you do, stay away from artificial sweeteners. I recommend giving up aspartame, sucralose, sugar alcohols such as xylitol and maltitol, plus any sweeteners that end with OL or OSE and all of the other heavily used and marketed sweeteners unless you want to slow down your metabolism, gain weight, and become an addict. (equal , sweet and low, splenda , truvia ) Use a little stevia if you must but also make sure to even read stevia labels some even contain these artificial sweeteners. We also need to stop reading numbers your body will recognize ingredients not numbers nor will it digest unfamiliar ingredients properly.

On the FF movement my main focus on learning how to create a long term lifestyle is also by teaching how to cook and use natural ingredients and sugars in moderation lose weight and have a long term lifestyle that will not compromise your gut !

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