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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

We’ve all heard of aloe vera. Most of us know the leaf for its gel that can be obtained and used as a sunburn aid. What you might not know is that it contains vitamins and minerals that are extremely important to your body’s system to properly function. Aloe vera has antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, E and B12. The leaf contains eight enzymes that help reduce inflammation when applied topically as well as minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, sodium and zinc, which are extremely important for our bodies. 

When we think of aloe vera and its use for inflammation, we normally think of applying topically for burns and such, but because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can act as a laxative and can help with digestion. The juice itself other than to help with digestion helps normalize your acid and ph balance. With the enzymes we mentioned earlier being present in the leaf, this helps boost our immune systems and enables our bodies to fuel cells which in turn helps our cells to function more efficiently and properly. 

Many people think that they’re allergic to aloe vera. The truth of the matter is applying it topically and getting symptoms of redness, itching, peeling, nausea etc are mostly side affects of applying it topically, not necessarily consuming it. Aloe vera is more of an anti-allergen than anything else the eight amino acids which are building blocks of protein and the enzymes give aloe vera the components to reduce the symptoms of allergy. Another important thing to mention is there are over 300 different aloe vera plants, as well as the plant being altered in products could be the reasoning behind the allergy you may be experiencing. 

Aloe vera is a more common ingredient than we would assume. We can find aloe in yogurts, drinks and desserts. Extracts of aloe are used as a preservative for fresh foods and water conservation. Most aloe vera products, after extracting and heating the gel, the health benefits are minimized. When looking to buy aloe vera, look at the labels properly. It’s easy to find aloe vera products at a local health food store, but you can grow your own aloe at home, having your own plant is an easy and non-expensive way to have all of the benefits of aloe vera at your own connivence, without it being manufactured and as a result it having no active ingredients. 

*Statements regarding aloe vera, ingredients and general information have not been evaluated by FDA or SAMCC and should not be seen as health claims. Always consult your doctor before using new products*

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