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Whats the Hype on Spelt flour and the Differences?

Spelt is a grain that comes from the wheat family that is widely recognized for its many health benefits. There are three different types of spelt: whole spelt, whole grain spelt, and sprouted spelt. Whole spelt is the entire spelt grain. Whole grain spelt is different from whole spelt because it is processed with the entire grain, including the germ. Sprouted spelt contains more nutrients than whole spelt and whole grain spelt. The reason for this is that during the sprouting process dormant vitamins and minerals are brought to life. When sprouted spelt is turned into flour nothing is taken in or out, giving it more nutritional benefits and a superior taste to other sprouted flours.

Spelt has many different types of benefits. Spelt has mental, nutritional, internal, and environmental benefits. Mentally, spelt has been shown to help relieve migraines, reduce stress and depression, helps maintain alertness, improve memory, improves mental vigor, aids in the transmission of signals between the nerve cells and the brain, and boost relaxation. Nutritionally, spelt has less gluten, lowers cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, lowers blood pressure levels, is high in manganese, which is necessary for normal brain and nerve function, high source of niacin, and aids in calcium absorption. Physically, spelt reduces joint inflammation, reduces liver fat, protects kidneys, reduces bladder irritation, improves muscle coordination, reduces the risk of artery and heart spasms, and builds strong bones. Spelt also can help you internally by aiding in collagen formation, aids in antibody, hormone, and enzyme production, and aids in digestive and intestinal tract functioning. The consumption of spelt is better for the environment because growing spelt doesn’t take as much from the soil as more modern crops, grows without the use of herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, and assists with the manufacture of other essential biochemical components.

Spelt is rapidly becoming more and more popular do to its wide range of health benefits. It is a flour that is also known for its less amount of gluten and can aid with better digestion. Sprouted is one of the best options to use combining health benefits of both white and whole grain and making it much easier to digest due to the its fermentation.

Enjoy the FlavorfulFIT Mixes that contain whole grain spelt flour and Divine Pizza that makes Spelt pizza in Brooklyn NY part of the FF approved vendors.

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