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30 minute Vacation -HIIT Workout +ABS


Hot weather making you feel motivated? Well do I got a nice intense workout for you, exercise shouldn't feel forced or boring so find what you like to do while away like running on the beach, swimming laps and drive those knees in the sand. Sand happens to be such an intense cardiovascular workout your heart will be racing after 1 minute I guarantee it. Who cares if people stare make that commitment to show how committed you are and people will love your commitment enough to want to even join in. In the past summer I have done so and I have had people come up to me and ask to join in it's so fun to experience a workout with a partner because it pushes you to do better and give it your all!

Before starting do a light 5 minute warm up- high knees, jumping jacks, walk outs, walking lunges

This workout is meant for a intermediate and hard level. For modifications please don't hesitate to ask!

Jump rope and lightweight preferred



Complete each move for 60 Seconds

Repeat 3x

Jump Rope

Jump Squats on step preferred

Leap forward run back

Low plank to high Plank 4x mountain climbers

Side Shuffles and push up side shuffles push up

Jumping Lunge to 180 Degree Turn

Burpie Click Jump

(5 to 8 Pound weight or medicine ball ) Ball Slam or alternating Twist Lunge turns

High Plank Jumping Jacks

Bursts / Click Jumps


Complete 20 sets each exercise

Sit up with ball or weight pushing up forward

Sitting ab twisters ball side to side


Bucket Drops

Alternating Leg lifts

Alternating Side Plank drops

Have fun and enjoy this workout with a partner to keep you motivated! Always make sure to stretch after every intense workout so your muscles to get tight and tense up....

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