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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water and its Benefits

A New Home System for a healthy Lifestyle

The one thing we forget a lot is how safe our drinking water is. I have seen experiments where people would play with PH levels in popular drinks on the market. Do you remember school science fairs where kids would be mad scientists? I remember way back when we would experiment with so many things but now it’s dangerous to even make it public that you have found what is the underlying truth to science and what we consume. It’s like anyone who finds the right formula or equation is hated for because the industry is so afraid of losing money! Doesn’t it make sense? We experiment we know the truth; the market absolutely knows the truth but won’t release information because of fear of losing profit. It’s things like when Gluten Free became the IT topic that all companies like General Mills the most popular cereal brand started putting in bold WHOLE GRAINS on the top of their box but when you look closely at the ingredients the first ingredient is White Flour. Just because it says whole grains doesn’t necessarily mean it is 100% whole grains. A lot of these companies like to trick us into thinking. Ok this is what’s new and hot on the market lets change what they see to trick them into buying it. What they don’t know is that the Health Community is growing and we are becoming more aware of plots to trick us.

Enough of what’s going on in the food industry because all I know is I can go on and on talking about all the imperfections and the way things are done and how things can get better. The only solutions to these problems is to make society more aware of how to choose healthy NON-GMO products and incorporating whole foods and not packaged foods. By learning more and more, we will soon be educated enough into learning how to read labels and make wiser choices when picking things out in the supermarket. Let’s go back into my topic on water.

So how do we test the acidity levels in all these liquids? What you would do is buy these PH stickers that you dip in a liquid and test its PH level which a lot of celebrities and anyone who is alkaline obsessed does. From a 1 -14 scale 14 being best. Everyone’s ideal PH number if you must say is a balanced number between 6.75 and 7.25. Below 6.75 you are considered a toxic breeding ground for germs. Recently I was shown a more thorough testing on today’s most popular drinks. Perrier for the soda craving addict, Sprite for the non-caffeine believers, Smart water the water we think is “SMART”, Dasani the water they pass around on airplanes and restaurants, our own tap sink water that we always think is contaminated and filled with poisoned lead, and Deer Park water the “CHEEP” water brand. It’s all a shade of black over our eyes between what we see and what we believe. What fads to follow and what fads to assume fake.

The levels have shown from 1 to 8 Sprite being the least followed by Perrier, Dasani, Smart Water, Deer Park water and finally Alkaline water. Studies have shown all these tests being accurate and with my own eyes I have seen these levels and was shockingly surprised to see that the expensive products were the most acidic drinks in the market and our stores. Wouldn’t you expect the “CHEEP” water to be so acidic? We’ll think again! Yes. I have the testing to prove it! What does acid do to us and how can it affect us?

Today everyone has issues with their digestive system and gastrointestinal issues that lead to doctor visits and prescribed medication like Nexium and Omeprazole. How do I know this? Well I was one of them! I most certainly believe now being more aware of what I consume and making wiser decisions that medications will ruin our gut lining and inflame it causing a more acidic exposure breaking down the lining of your stomach. When this happens, we are weakening the outside layer that protects us from bacteria, toxins, illnesses thus weakening our immune system and so forth. So, what would happen if we started eating things less acidic? How are we solving the issues with acid reflux and those fake “heart attacks” that we experience when eating certain foods? All those nightless nights without sleep because of pain in our belly. Well I think I might have found an easy way to balance your bodies PH levels leading to a much settling stomach issue that’s been bugging you for years! What does an alkaline diet look like?

An Alkaline diet consists of nondairy products, no high fat meat, no eggs, shellfish, cheese, coffee, pasta, and refined sugar. They all have high levels of acid and are hard to digest- supposedly producing more waste to linger in the body. These foods are high in acid and hard to digest and in favor replacing and eating more alkaline rich foods like fruit, greens, garlic, beets, lemon and water. What we truly want and need is for our bathroom schedules to be clear and not yellow if you know what I mean! The truth about alkaline water is it is a natural living organism just like us and is totally unavailable on shelves due to its low shelf life, it dies out after 2-3 days.

The second experiment I have experienced was testing how our WHOLE FOODS are mislabeled: and yes, I said whole foods. Things you would least expect to be honest is a total lie if you ask me. This test was done with fresh cherry tomatoes that were labeled “all natural, no preservatives, no pesticides”. Two different cups tested with two different water types lead to one cup of water turning yellow. Can you guess which one? Yes, the alkaline water totally removed the tomatoes that were contaminated with pesticides and g-d knows what else. With regular tap water the water was totally clear leaving all its chemical and toxic layer on the tomatoes.

To make it even more accurate I had tasted both and the tap water washed tomatoes tasted bitter and acidic and the alkaline washed tomatoes tasted freshly picked from a tree! It was amazing! Was it possible? Is it possible to find something that is not only a beneficial drinking water but also a rinsing water for washing our contaminated produce? Oh, and did I mention it retains its freshness and makes vegetables last longer!

To believe it you must see it and when you see it I’m sure you will want more questions answered but for now I’ll keep you guessing on where you can find it! Some restaurants like RAW ORGANIC on Ave P is supplied with this filtered machine and some popular restaurants in NYC. It has also been installed in all homes of Property Brothers project homes. A long island restaurant called Mundo is a very popular place that alkaline dieters go to eat at. When you hear these kinds of breakthroughs you try the best to find places who use it in their kitchen.

Do you want to see it to believe it?

Get a group of friends or even your school and I will show you how this works and where you can get it. Be the first one to ask what it’s all about and I will do a private demo.

For more information please feel free to contact me. To learn more about living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness or to explore the many options of what a Health Coach does to help you live a healthy lifestyle email me at

Cooking, Training, Nutrition, Freezer Stocking , Personal Supermarket Hauls, Cooking Classes all available for more information check out my website.

The many benefits of alkaline water : Balanced PH levels and toxic removal from foods.

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