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Gluten Free Apple Pie Pop Tarts

" Why do I have to eat the same thing every week im so bored of this I give up "

(Eve’s mindset 10 years ago) 

This was something I would tell myself after every diet because I seriously felt  like I can’t  follow such a strict guideline while dieting to lose weight or even thinking of doing to maintain that type of lifestyle. 

Anytime I ever tried to diet I would never succeed . Being able to recreate recipes was the favorite part to my journey. I never felt like I was missing out . I did have to take the time to stock my freezer and create an item every week to not keep it boring . To help myself and even clients I try to incorporate a lot of tips , ideas , recipes and even the new MEAL PREP PROGRAM which has a variety of freezer and fridge options to purchase and stock on while on the program.

I always felt like a plain way to lose weight just wasn’t for me and I wanted to be able to do something that I can still continue doing. Even though I knew that I gained confidence within myself and worked on myself emotionally and physically I still tried to learn as much as possible how ingredients really do make you feel better inside and out . The importance of ingredients as well as portioning helped me stay on track and still helped me lose weight even when I would still want something like a pop tart.

Part of understanding how certain ingredients have so many benefits helped me understand why I needed to stick to this way of cooking and eating for the rest of my life . For some people it’s wanting to go back to what we think is "normal" habits like eating the things we want everyday or maybe even the occasional treat or dinner out. Or even doing it more than we should be. The idea of eating cleaner most of the days and having that once and a while option to splurge was the key to my own balance. I felt the difference and for that reason I still and will always  love the way I eat because of how it makes me feel . I  would never change it for the world or go back to the way I use to feel which I would eat most of the time unhealthy that made me feel bloated, hot and uncomfortable. 

I hope the recipes on my blog help you stay on track and help satisfy what your looking for while on your weight loss journey. The key to my soul is good food and love <3 dont hesitate to drop me a email and let me know what you would want to see be recreated im always up for a challenge!

When your friends ask you what you had for breakfast tell them you had a pop tart they won’t believe you 😉. 

Pop tarts dough : 

Serves : 6 


1 1/4 cup cassava flour 

4 tbsp coconut oil or coconut oil earth balance butter 

1/2 to 3/4 water 

1/4 tsp kosher salt 

1/2 tsp arrowroot powder 

2 tbsp coconut sugar 

Apple Filling : 

Using a Mandolin on the thickest setting slice the apple.

cut the apples into sticks and turn it to cut it again so it looks like little cubes. 

Sauce the apples in cinnamon and 1 tbsp of the coconut oil 

After cooked toss the apples in 2 tbsp of apple butter 


With a rolling pin make sure the dough looks like dough that your able to work with to roll out. On a parchment paper lightly dust it and roll out the dough 1/8 inch thick. Cut it into 4 strips and cut the edges to make the strips rectangle and uniformed. Use the excess dough to make more strips.

On the edge of one side of the strips put a spoon of the apple mixture and fold the top over the filled side. Seal the crust with a fork making lined edges on all corners. Continue with the rest of the dough. 

( you can use jam , chocolate chips or fill it with whatever you like)

Use egg wash to brush all the pop tarts and sprinkle with coconut sugar .

Bake on 350f for 30 minutes until golden around the edges.

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